Summer is here and I’m so excited for all the lazy days on my hammock reading my favorite books. I’ve never been a huge fan of summer because I can’t stand the heat but I’ve come to love this slow season.

This summer, I want to make my time here special and memorable so I made a list of slow activities I want to do so I can enjoy it more. The days are long and hot so there’s plenty of time for everything.

If you want to know how to have a slow living summer, here are 33 simple living things to do.

33 Slow Living Summer Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

33 Slow Living Summer Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

1. Fill Your Days With Small Moments of Joy

Let sunshine fill your room. Open the windows and enjoy the warm summer air.

2. Wear Flowers In Your Hair

Pick flowers from your garden or the farmer’s market and put them in your hair.

Feel the whisper of sweet nectar in your ear.

3. Spend a Day At The Beach

Spend a day at the beach to immerse yourself in the joy of the little things.

Watch the waves smooth out the sand and the water sparkling in the sun.

4. Wear Sultry Sundresses

Flowy sundresses on slightly sunkissed skin. Slow living summer, here I come.

5. Go On a Road Trip

Adventure awaits. Pick a spot on the map, pack your backpack, and hit the road.

6. Get Into a Vacation Mindset

Make a Pinterest inspiration board and start planning your summer vacation.

7. Go On Slow Evening Walks

As the sun sets and the air cools off, find the time to take a slow evening walk.

8. Be Present With Your Morning Coffee

That first sip of coffee in the morning will remind you to slow down and feel the moment.

9. Watch a Pink Sunset

Pink summer sunsets are pure magic.

It’s Nature’s awe-inspiring way to show you the beauty of the little things.

10. Ride a Bike

Bike rides at the park, on your street, or by the water = a slow living summer.

11. Go On a Camping Adventure

Go camping with your family or friends, tell stories by the bonfire, and laugh your heart out.

12. Go Star Gazing

Start gazing reminds us how small we are in the Universe yet we’re an essential part of it.

If you see a shooting star this summer, make a wish and trust it’ll come true.

13. Make a Summer Playlist

Make a slow living summer playlist with happy upbeat songs.

Play it whenever you want to feel good, invite some positive vibes, and throw a dance party.

14. Go On a Picnic

I love summer picnics! I make mini sandwiches, my favorite snacks, and a bottle of rosé.

Then, we either have a backyard picnic or go to the park and pick a spot under a tree.

15. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Make healthy homemade ice cream using fresh fruit, plant milk, and stevia.

Here’s a great recipe for sweet summertime popsicles.

33 Slow Living Summer Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

16. Go Skinny Dipping

Awaken all the senses in your body by going skinny dipping. Let the water kiss your skin.

17. Try Forest Bathing

Ever heard of forest bathing?

It’s about being present to the sounds, fresh air, and atmosphere of the forest.

18. Make Your Own Cocktails

Make it a cocktail party in your backyard and invite your favorite people over.

19. Have a Pool Day

Spend a fun pool day with your family and friends. Let your inner child have a field day!

20. Allow Yourself To Daydream

Daydreaming about your life will help you visualize your ideal future.

21. Make a Fruit Salad

Get all the fresh summer fruits, chop them up, and make a big bowl of fruit salad.

Sprinkle some honey, coconut flakes, and chia seeds, and enjoy.

22. Care For Your Sunkissed Skin

Your sunkissed kin needs more gentle care in summer. Wear your SPF. Moisturize.

Switch to a summer skincare routine. Drink plenty of water. Love your skin.

23. Make Fresh Lemonade

There’s nothing more refreshing than ice-cold freshly-squeezed lemonade.

Here’s how I decorate my home with lemon-themed decor for the summer.

24. Listen To The Ocean Waves

Listen to the ocean waves crashing against each other. Meditate to their power and greatness.

25. Get A Colorful Mani-Pedi

I love colorful nails in summer! My favorite summer colors are pink, yellow, blue, and white.

26. Book a Trip To Your Dream Destination

Dreaming of the crystal clear blue waters of the Maldives?

Or climbing the many steps of the Amalfi Coast’s Positano?

Or lounging and sunbathing on the soft sands of Hawaii?

This summer, book your dream destination trip. You deserve it.

27. Try Dining Al Fresco

Eat outside in the breezy summer air. Prepare your favorite meal and dine al fresco at sunset.

33 Slow Living Summer Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

28. Set Your Sensuality Free

A slow living summer is all about setting your body and soul’s sensuality free.

Explore your femininity. Let it breathe. Marvel at your unique beauty.

You’re sensual and sizzling.

29. Experience the Joy of Doing Nothing

Pick a day when you’ll do absolutely nothing all day. This is what the Italians call Il Dolce Far Niente.

Just lounge around, relax your mind and body and let your mind wander.

30. Build a Backyard Bonfire

S’mores by the fire with family and friends is one of the most beautiful moments of summer.

31. Make Lots of New Memories

Summer is for making sweet memories that’ll keep your heart warm all year round.

32. Wear White Linen

The light feeling of linen on your skin is a touch of luxury on a warm summer day.

33. Create Art

Your life is an art form. Get messy with your brushstrokes. Make music. Write that book.

Start Planning Your Slow Living Summer With These 33 Ideas

If you loved these slow living summer activities and want more ideas, here are 23 more simple things you can do to live a slow life all year round.

Catch up with my slow summer on Instagram and tell me all about your summer plans!

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Slow Living Summer: 33 Simple & Fun Things To Do In Summer

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