In June of this year, I left the big city to move to a small town. My husband and I packed up our belongings, and after 15 years of city living, we settled in a house with a little garden in my hometown. This was the beginning of our simple living journey.

Though this is not our final destination but a temporary stop, we’re happy to be here, as we uncover the next chapter of our story and our next move. I expected my goodbye from the city to be bittersweet. I spent my college years there, as well as my entire 20s.

In an eerie and soothing kind of way, all I felt as we were leaving was a sense of relief.

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When Going Back Means Going Forward

My hometown is a small, peaceful place where not much happens. For most people, the days are mundane, with a glimpse of excitement over the weekend.

For some of my fellow folks, this is an existence that makes their heart happy. For others, this sleepy small town is a cradle for their dreams until ambition takes over.

For me, going back meant going forward. In mind, soul, and emotion.

I choose joy over security. I choose serene mornings over cars honking. I choose having coffee outside in my backyard over smog and dust.

I choose to adjust my perspective like a photographer adjusts their camera. What we capture is a result of what our eye chooses to focus on.

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The Joy Is in the Journey

It took me years to realize that the joy I’m seeking is never in the destination. It took me only one moment of a deep and insightful conversation with my husband to put the pieces together.

I remember with gusto the moments of overcoming obstacles and the lessons we learned.

I remember the strength and tenacity I had when life was unbearable.

I remember the moments of gratitude for what I had when it seemed like I had nothing.

I remember the miracles that happened because I believed.

It’s a simple truth with a complex untwisting: our goals, desires, destinations – these are all moments we strive for – but that’s all they are – moments. They too, shall come and pass, just like everyday simple living moments we don’t even notice sometimes.

What we strive for in all that we do as humans is a feeling of joy. We think we’ll never need anything more than accomplishing a goal – and then we’ll be happy.

But life, no matter how it looks like right now, is abundant with moments of joy. All we need to do is adjust our lens to find them, focus on them, and capture them.

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This Is An Invitation to Join The Simple Living Movement

My journey to slow and simple living is just beginning. Setting a purpose and intentions has made my heart hopeful and I want the same for you.

So if starting a whole new journey feels overwhelming for you, take only one aligned step. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your heart desires, I invite you to slow down, even just for a moment.

Open your eyes wide with curiosity for a life you’ll be able to feel, with all its ups and downs, rather than chasing the illusion of busy.

You can follow my journey to a simpler, slower, more intentional living here and join me over on Instagram for more of my day-to-day life and musings.

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