The plentiful colors of Autumn in all their glory inspired me to make a November moodboard with a soft-toned, earthy, natural color palette.

A soft brown-orange, to remind me of pumpkins, bonfires, autumn leaves, and warm apple cider.

A light grey to remind me that even cloudy days can be beautiful.

A romantic dusky pink to remind me why I write.

I’ve been preparing my mind, body, and spirit for winter. December is just around the corner, and after the merriment of the holidays, the trees will be bare, the air will be frosty, and the days will be shorter.

Still, winter has its own magic. Quiet evenings by the fire, warm blankets and hot cocoa, kitty cuddles, snow (fingers crossed), and the welcoming of a new year.


November New Beginnings


What’s hope but a dream of a better tomorrow? Hope is a guiding light that can keep your inner spark alive despite everything. In November, I’m cultivating hope for the year to come. Hope for accomplishing my biggest dreams and for kindness to prevail.


Cozy sweaters, the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, and a fluffy blanket. The warmth from the fireplace, my favorite tea, and cuddles with my cat and husband. It’s the season of cozy and I’m here for it!


November started joyfully. I celebrated turning 33 and have been witnessing my personal transformation on a more tangible note. I’m also celebrating the path that I’m on as I know it’s the right one for me at this moment in time.

You don’t need a big reason to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. You can do that for each day you’re alive, for each moment you spend with your loved ones, and with each new blessing.

November Moodboard Inspiration

November Moodboard

I hope my November moodboard will inspire you to get cozy this season and notice the beauty around you. Keep your loved ones close and remember to be true to yourself, always.

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