I will be 33 in November.

33 for me carries a profound meaning of change this year. More so because in autumn, nature slows down as it prepares for a long winter — and so do I.

As an Autumn baby, I like to believe my love for the season is innate. There’s something about the misty, foggy, chilly fall mornings that inspires me to go inward and ponder on the wonders of life as I sip my coffee.

I see the Autumn season as a time for reflection. A time to cherish the warmth of the home, to listen to the wind whirling, and to be thankful.

33 Reasons Why I Love Autumn

33 Reasons Why Autumn Is My Favorite Season

Though there are many ways in which I cherish this season, here are my favorite 33 reasons I love autumn:

1. The playful colors of the leaves.

2. The freshness in the air.

3. The cozy, chunky sweaters.

4. Rainy days and nights.

5. All the warm drinks: warm apple cider, hot cocoa, tea, and mulled wine.

6. The chilly evenings and meaningful conversations.

7. Bonfires and the smell of ember.

8. Roasted chestnuts.

9. Roasted pumpkins drizzled with honey.

10. Cinnamon rolls.

11. Pumpkin spice everything.

12. Warm, comforting, nutritious food.

13. Relaxing bike rides.

14. Baking pies, cookies, and pastries.

15. Fall outfits.

16. Long walks in nature.

17. Cozy robes and slippers.

18. Cabin getaways.

19. Fall Harvest Hallmark movies.

20. Farmer’s markets bursting with harvest flavors.

21. Makeup in fall tones and colors.

22. Fall scented candles.

23. Cozy knit blankets.

24. Sleeping in on gloomy mornings.

25. Romantic fall dates with my husband.

26. Fall DIY projects.

27. Fall home decor.

28. Autumn-themed nails.

29. The amber sunshine and breathtaking sunsets.

30. My creativity awakening — I write more in the Autumn.

31. Beautiful scenic drives with my husband.

32. Fall trips and weekend getaways.

33. This quote: “Autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have.”

Happy first day of Autumn! I hope you find contentment in the little things and enjoy every moment of the season.

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