I listen to music with my soul’s ear. I soak up every note. I’m enthralled by every word. I let it all reverberate in me. Music has the power to uplift me, motivate me, and inspire me to grasp the present moment.

Each season, I create a playlist that reflects these emotions and gives them meaning. Music is more than just notes to me. We’re two friends who listen to each other, reveal each other’s joys and pains, and sit with each other in all life’s moments.

autumn fall playlist

Songs for Cozy Days and Quiet Autumn Evenings

This Autumn, I want to share these sentiments with you. I hope my fall playlist will evoke an emotion in you and encourage you to explore it. I hope it brings you joy and positivity and makes you sing and dance to awaken your authentic happiness.

Without further ado, here’s my Autumn playlist:

A Cozy Fall Playlist Is a Road Trip Essential

This playlist is my go-to for road trips no matter the season or destination. Imagine a long, peaceful road where you’re alone with nature, your person (or pet), and your thoughts. We also play these songs on quiet evenings in a cozy wooden cabin whenever we go to the mountains.

These lyrics and chords make us realign, readjust, and restore our thoughts and intentions. There’s a certain magic in being able to deeply feel music beyond the melody and I’m grateful for that.

A Cozy Fall Playlist for Road Trips

Dancing Like the Autumn Leaves in the Wind

If I had to choose, I’d say my all-time favorite is Change It All by Harrison Storm. It takes me on a journey of slowing down, feeling all the feels, and grounding in the present moment.

Have you heard some of these songs before? Do you have your own uplifting fall playlist you listen to all the time? Share it with me over on Instagram – I love discovering new music and talented artists to support!

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