It feels like it was yesterday when my tomatoes ripened under the August sun and I was picking pumpkins, peppers, and figs. Our hazelnut tree was heavy with nuts falling on the soft grass one by one with each sway of the branches.

Then I blinked and it was September. The leaves started to change colors bit by bit, like an unfinished watercolor painting. September, to me, has always been a herald of a new beginning. A time when I can finally breathe the cool crisp air, make new plans, and set new intentions.

And just like that, November knocked on my door with all its blessings.

I try to set my monthly goals and intentions on the day of a New Moon. This month, the New Moon falls on November 04, so I plan to write in my journal, take a relaxing bath, listen to soothing music, and visualize my goals and dreams.

My November Goals 2021

As I transition into the next — and slower — season of my life, I am also learning to take each day as it comes and not relate my worth to my accomplishments. This November, I feel more centered and aligned than ever before in my life, and so my goals reflect my newly awakened inspiration.

I noticed a theme around my personal goals this year. Most of them revolve around self-care — a much-needed, yet often neglected aspect of our lives we tend to push to the side.

november goals

November 2021 Personal Goals

1. Meditate every day for 15 minutes.

Meditating has always been a challenge for me as my mind is constantly buzzing with ideas and things to do. In November (and moving into 2022), I want to make it a habit to meditate every day for at least 15 minutes.

2. Find a new hobby to start in the new year.

This past year, I haven’t had the time or energy to do the things I love. It’s my goal in November to find a hobby I can start in January 2022. This will give me enough time before the holidays to prepare, get supplies, and make a plan on implementing it in my life.

3. Plan a trip to a dream destination.

My husband and I have been planning a trip to a dream destination for a few months now. We decided this fall is the best time to start researching all the ways we can make this trip happen. I can’t wait to explore, take tons of photos, and of course, write all about it!

4. Decorate the house for Christmas.

I usually start decorating for Christmas at the beginning of December. Yes, I’m that person.

This year, as soon as we’re done renovating, I’ll be starting my DIY Christmas home decor projects in November so I can have everything ready in early December.

5. Write in my gratitude journal every day.

Cultivating gratitude changed my life and I say this with complete faith that it can change yours as well. Noticing all the little (and big) things we have, despite all the things we may not yet have, is the key to a joyful, fulfilled life. 

It feels so wonderful to read your journal after a while and see all the things you have accomplished. You realize just how abundant, content, and blessed you are, despite the hardships and challenges.

november goals

November Work Goals

I’ve been working as a professional content writer for brands for 10 years now and I’m deeply grateful for every project, client, and written word. In 2021, I made a decision to slowly start moving away from traditional content writing and start pursuing my greatest passion: creative writing (or more specifically, poetry, prose, and this blog).

While I still do content projects for clients, they’re more aligned with my calling. I’m focusing more on slow and purposeful marketing and branding.

In terms of work, my November goals for 2021 are:

1. Create a free simple living workbook.

2. Write 4 blog posts for December.

3. Finish content projects for clients.

4. Create printables and products for my online store.

5. Complete my poetry collection.


November 2021 Intentions

Along with November goals, I also like to set intentions to tend to my heart. November makes me feel all the fall feels so I naturally slow down to be more present.

Here are my November 2021 intentions that I set on the New Moon:

1. Embrace a slower pace of life and enjoy every moment.

2. Be happy with progress rather than perfection.

3. Learn to be more gentle with myself when I’m not productive.

4. Accept that there will be days when I won’t get everything — or anything — done.

5. Accept the uncertainty of the current situation and trust the Universe has a better plan for us in store.

Preparing for the Year Ahead

As we’re slowly closing this chapter of 2021, it’s time to re-evaluate our inner and outer life, restore our faith in a better tomorrow, and replenish the energy we need for the year to come.

With only a month away from 2022, take some time for yourself and the people you love, find joy in the little things, and take the steps towards a slower, simpler, more intentional life.

Ready to join the slow living movement? You can learn all about how to start cultivating a more intentional life here.

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