It’s the first day of December and I honestly cannot believe how fast the year has gone by.

Personally, I’d love for the new year to begin in the Spring, when everything comes alive again after a heavy, cold, gloomy winter. I feel like I’d be more inspired to set New Year’s resolutions and start new things alongside the blossoming trees, the birds chirping, and the sunshine melting the last remains of leftover snow.

My Favorite Winter Playlist to Keep You Cozy, Festive, and Warm

At the same time, I’m also enjoying Hallmark movie nights under a fluffy blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in hand while it’s snowing outside. There’s something so peaceful about the winter silence that’s making me slow down, wind down, quiet down — just like Mother Nature does.

Sometimes, I marry the silence with winter songs and witness my heart opening up. I’m reminded we’re not alone in what we’re experiencing. We can always find comfort in the people around us and even in strangers who share the same values.

My Favorite Winter Playlist Songs for Celebration and Warmth

With the Winter Solstice approaching, I made this winter playlist to warm your heart (and mine) and be a safe haven for all the feelings. If you listen closely, the songs will hold hands with your imagination and take you to a world where lullabies aren’t just for children but also for grownups who haven’t forgotten how to dream.

So get your warmest blanket, make a cup of your favorite winter drink, and let your senses wander in the magical world of winter music.

Carrying the Tunes of Winter Hibernation

As the chills of December keep us tucked in inside our homes, the tunes of winter hibernation are fluttering through the air, finding their way to our hearts and homes.

I hope this playlist keeps you warm and inspires you to start the new year with a sense of calmness and faith in your inner guidance.

Want more of the cozy feel this winter season? You can find more of my winter posts right here. ❄️


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