The life of a writer is like the winter solstice: hibernal and cold in its nature, yet constantly looking forward to longer, warmer, happier days.

If I could write my heart into each morning, I would. But I’d need coffee first. I’d need a gentle hug, a kiss on the forehead, and a little bit of sunshine before I penned a single word.

If I could write every day for the rest of my Earthly existence, I would. This is what I came here for. To offer hope, guidance, and comfort to you, no matter the season of your life.

All you need to do is open your heart like a book and embrace the potential for joy.

Winter Joys

You can find winter joy in the sunset in your hometown that you marvel at with fresh eyes. It’s in the cup of warm tea at the park where the steam evaporates into the thin cold December air. Where our minds are buzzing with excitement about the miracles and possibilities of this infinite Universe.

It’s in the soulful conversations with an old friend whose heart will never hibernate before helping someone in need.

It’s in the poetry readings where words are no longer scribbles in black ink on paper. They come alive dancing through the air and softly landing on a fellow poet’s ear where they stay forever.

It’s in the winter music I listen to when I crave soothing and grounding. In the genuine smile that makes itself comfortable on my lips. In knowing that I’ve created my own world of wonder and awe.

winter solstice

The Winter of Soulful Conversations

In the winter of soulful conversations, our truths are ethereal. Too profound to speak them into existence; too valuable to selfishly keep them to ourselves; too universal in their purpose.

Will you agree, friend, that we are all made of sprinkles of bliss? Of heavenly stardust that holds our sorrows, memories, and joys and keeps them hidden until it’s safe to share them with the world?

If you can be the treasure chest for my dreams and hopes, I can be the key to yours.

The Winter Solstice: A Time for Celebration

It is the winter of aching for a lost past and a hope for a future filled with faith. It is the season of celebration, hibernation, creation, and devotion.

For some, it’s a bleak mid-winter where frosty winds awaken every cell in your body as you seek a little sunshine on a short winter day. For others, winter is a golden thread to Spring, when awakening is omnipresent.

time for celebrations

Aligned New Year Intentions

As the winter solstice marks the beginning of winter and the year comes to an end, my tender intentions for 2022 are as plentiful as ever. Maybe I’ll write a book or two. Move to the countryside. Cultivate inner strength. Recognize joy. Embrace bliss.

You know, the little things 🙂

I no longer make New Year’s resolutions. I simply follow the bliss, catch the light of each day, and listen to my inner guidance. It’s a deeply aligned way to live and in the New Year, I wish the same for you.

Until 2022, my friend, stay blessed.

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