The first day of February brought snow to my part of the world. The flurries danced about in the air all day and night, and the next morning, everything was white and quiet.

Naturally, I had my coffee by the window with my favorite winter playlist playing in the background. I’m always fascinated by how each and every snowflake is completely unique and pure.

Snow may not be convenient but it’s much needed. It always helps me slow down and notice how quiet and beautiful my garden is under a soft white blanket. Nature doesn’t rush. So, neither will I.

This is how I found the inspiration for my February 2022 moodboard.

My February 2022 Moodboard

February will be the good kind of busy for me. We’re preparing some amazing projects for our branding business, I have some exciting content to write for the blog, and we’ll be planning an upcoming trip abroad that I cannot wait to write about.

Thus, my February moodboard is calm, soothing, and simple, with a sprinkle of snow.

february 2022 moodboard | autumn and bliss

Spring In My Step

Though I love to live seasonally, I’m getting a little weary of the cold short winter days. I crave a little more sunshine and warmth, a little more adventure, and a lot more freedom.

I always see February as the month that brings us one step closer to Spring and since it only has 28/29 days, I have plenty of time to prepare my home for spring cleaning, plan some spring decor, and finally spend more time outdoors after a long winter.

slow living winter at home

Taking a Lighter Approach To Manifesting

February 2nd, 2022 will open a powerful manifestation portal. Along with the energy of yesterday’s New Moon, this is a time to take a journey within, set intentions that resonate with your inner emotion, and take it easy on yourself. Living in unpredictable times can be earth-shattering and we’re all doing the best we can. Give yourself grace and compassion.

Today, I’m re-evaluating my goals and desires from last year and see how I can approach them in a simpler, lighter way. In the blasé ‘I’m happy anyway’ way. I feel like 2022 for me is a year of beginnings and divine timing, and I’m ready to allow more miracles into my life.

Looking Forward to Warmer Days

I dream of days when I’ll be going on long walks by the river with the breeze swishing through my hair. I’m waiting for the day when the sunrise will be visible from our bedroom and cover the walls in a magical glow. The birds in our garden will start chirping, the trees will start blooming and once again, we’ll come alive.

Until then, I’m learning to cherish the season I’m in, notice the beauty in the little things, and get inspired by the breathtaking winter landscapes.

Until next time, my friend, get cozy, read these winter poems, make yourself a cup of tea, and just be.

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